ܡ Kabulnath









   ییی ی ی ی ی یϐ ی
ی ی
Ґ یϐی ی ѡ ی ی ی ی ی.


ی ǡ ی ی ی Ә ʐѡ یی ی ی یی ی ԡ ی ی ʡ . ی ϡ ی ی ی ی یی ی ی ی ی یی ی ی Ϙ ј ی یی ی ʡ ی یی ی Ǎ ј ی ی یی ј ϐی ی ی .
ی ی ی ј ی یی ی ǡ ی یی
۲۵ ۱۳۹۲ ی ѐی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی یی ϡ ی ی ی ی .
ی ی ی ی یی ی ی یϐ ی ی ی ی یϐ ی. ی ی ی ی ی ی یی ی یϡ И ی . ی یی ی یی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی. ʡ ی یϐ ی ی ی ی ύ ی ی Ԙی ی ی ی ی ی . ی ی ی ی ی ǐی ی ی ی ی ی .

ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی یی ی:

۱. ی ی یی- ی ی Ґ یی ی ی. ی ѐ ی ی یی یی ی ی یی ی ޡ .
۲. ͘ ͘ ی ی ی ی . ی یی یی ی ی ی ی ی یϡ ی ی ی ѐ ی ی ʡ ی.
۳. یی یی ی ی ی ی ی یی ی ی ǘ ԡ ی ѐی Ә ی ی یϐی ی ѐ ی.
۴. ی یی ʡ ی ی ی ی ј یی ی ی یی . ی ѐی ʡ ی یی ی یی . ی ی ی یی یϐی ی ی ی ی ی یԐیی ی ی یی .
۵. ی ی Ԙ ی Ә ی ی Ԙ ی ی ی ی ی یی ی.

ی ی ی ی ͘ ی ی ی ی ی ѡ ی ی ی ی Ԙ ی یی ی ی ی. ی ی ی ی "ی" یʡ "ی" ی ی ی ی ی ی ی یی ی ی ی ی ی ϡ ی ی ی ی ی .

ټې ی یی
ی څ
ی ی ی ی ј ړې ړښی ی ګ ی ټی ښیږ

ږ ی ږ ی ې ډی څ ی یی ی ې ګ ړې ګ یې ټی ی ډګ ې ی ی ې یϡ ې ګۍ ې ړ . ې ګړې ړ ږ ې ی ټی ګ ې ی ګ ی ې ې ی ې یې ی ی ی څ یې ی ی ټی ی ګډ یې ګ ی ی ې ی ې ډی Ǎۍ ی یښ ې یې یښ ې ډۍ ړ .
ږ ی ټی ی ګډ ړې ی ی ی ګې ځې ۱۳۹۲ یۍ یې ځ یې یټې ی ې یې ګ یې څۍ ځګړې ی ړې یې ې یی ټ ې ی ې ی јړ ی یې ړ.
ډ یړې ډ یړ ې ې یږ ې ګې ی ی ټ ې ګې ې ی ګ ی ی ې ټǘ یږ. ښ ې یې ډې څ ې ی ې ی ی ی ی یږ ی ی ی . یړ ې ې یږ ې ټǘ ې ټې ی ی ی. څ ې ډګ ی ې ی ی یې ځګړ ې ړې ګی ړی ې ګ یې ړښی ی ی ټ ښ ی ی ޡ یې ښ ې ړ . ډ ی ښ ګ ړې ی ی ی ړی ټ ې یې ډې ی .

ې ږ ی ټ ړی ګ څ ې ښې :

۶. ѐ - ی ی ی ټی ې ی ې ی ټǘ ې ی ړ.
۷. ͘ ͘ ټ ې ی ی ړ . ځ ګ ې ی ې ییږ یځ ړ ګې یړ ې ډګ ړ.
۸. ی ی ی ړې ډ ی ځ ړ ړ ټ ګ ړ ی ې ګ ې ی ی ی ΁ ی ی ǘ ی јړې ړې Ә ۍ ی ړ.
۹. ټǘ ی ې ړیې ې ی ی یې ټیې ډې ی ګډ ړې ړښی ی ې څ ګې ټې ړ. ی ی ټǘ ی ی ی ی یې یې ې . ې ټ ړی ټ ړی ی ګ یګۍ څ ښ یږ ې ی ښ ې ی ی ټ ړی ی Ǎ.
۱۰. ی ې ډ ړې ې ې ښ ΁ ژ ې څیړ ې ښ ΁ ې ΁ ټǘې ډ ړ.

ټې ی ڡ ی ګړ یې ډې ړې ړښی ی څګ ټ ګړ ړ څ ړ ې ښ ې ی ړ ΁ ړ. ځ ې ی ( ی) یڅ ګ ی ی ی ی څ ړګ ړی ټې ې ټې ی ښی ې ǘ ی ی јړ ی ی ی ԁړ ګ ټ ړ ې .






Press Release by the Civil Society Organizations and the Representatives of Hindus and Sikh citizens of Afghanistan

On Defending the civil rights of Hindu and Sikh citizens in Afghanistan

Put an end to structural discrimination, by resorting the right to representation for the Hindu and Sikh citizens of Afghanistan.

Kabul, Afghanistan

24 December 2013


Our fellow Sikh and Hindu countrymen have lived in different provinces since long time and made excellent contributions in various social and political fields as active citizens of the country, particularly in the production of knowledge, economic development, international trade, medicine and serving the Afghan army. However, during the years of conflict, economic, civil, political, social and cultural rights of these people have constantly and brutally been violated, resulting in the confiscation of their possessions, they have also lost the facilities and educational opportunities for their children. Their political and social participation has increasingly faced challenges; these challenges are so immense that many of these people have left the country. The remaining is also faced with the option of leaving and seeking asylum in another country.

Last organized action against the social and political participation of our fellow Hindu and Sikh countrymen was the decision of the lower house on December 14th, 2013 against the allocation of a quota (one seat) for Hindus and Sikh citizens of Afghanistan by presidential decree, the parliament overruled the quota by negative votes.

Such a hasty action is taken in existence of democratic republic system and House of Representatives, according to the Afghan constitution, all three pillars of the state are either elected by direct vote or through people representatives.

Certainly, denying the citizenship right of a religious minority is against above mentioned principles and violates the democratic republic nature of the state. Such a decision is taken despite the fact that the election law has considered quota for some social segments in the parliament. It is certain that representatives of the lower house of parliament treated the quota for the Hindu and Skih citizens of Afghanistan with discrimination/ double standards. This is a very clear structured discrimination and violates the citizenship rights, basic rights and human rights of the Hindu and Skih minority in Afghanistan. Such a process is certainly in violation of the legislative principles, particularly the principle of justice and inclusiveness of the law and paves the way for the elimination of an ethnic group.  

Therefore, we the Hindu and Sikh citizens of Afghanistan and the civil society organizations demand the following from the government of Afghanistan and international community:

1.       The National Assembly shall restore the socio-political rights of Hindus and Sikh people in Afghanistan and incorporate the considered quota in the election law.

2.       The Supreme Court and the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution have the responsibility to safeguard and protect that law. They should have opposed the laws that are adopted in violation of the Afghan constitution by the lower house of the parliament. They should take a stand and declare the recent decision of the parliament unconstitutional and announce void. 


3.       Government of Afghanistan should take serious actions in connection with the elimination of all forms of discrimination against Hindus and Sikh people in the country and pave the way for the restitution of their confiscated property, access to education, freedom to hold religious rites, in addition to ensuring their representation in the Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House).

4.       International institutions contributing to the election process should not ignore the problem of structured bias towards political participation a particular community and group. Contribution to the democratic process and elections should not be a mean for un-democratic action. Accordingly, all international organizations, NATO and UN agencies are requested to apply all necessary measures to prevent human rights violations against Hindus and Sikh people in Afghanistan.

5.       The media should not be silent about this flagrant violation of constitution and a clear violation of human rights, and should publish and reflect analysis in order to enlighten their fellow citizens and play a determining role in the restoration and ensuring the rights of their fellow citizens.

Civil society organizations and Sikh and Hindu citizens of Afghanistan condemns this kind of structural discrimination against a group of citizens and request from various sectors of society and all relevant institutions to protest against this clear violation of the constitution.







۲۰۶                                ۱۳۹۲                ۱۶   ۲۰۱۳