ܡ Kabulnath












The Prophet

by Kahlil Gibran

The Coming of the Ship

ѐ ی



Long were the days of pain I have spent within its walls, and long were the nights of aloneness; and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret?

Ѫی ی Ԫ Ҫی ی   ی  ی   ی ی   یی 


Too many fragments of the spirit have I scatterd in these streets, and too many are the children of my longing that walk naked among these hills, and I cannot withdraw from them without a burden and an ache.

ی ی     ی ی ی   ǘ ی     ی  ی   ی            ی ی


It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin that I tear with my own hands. Nor is it a thought I leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst.

ی ʐیی ی   ǘی ی   ی   ϡ   ݘ ی     یی -


Yet I cannot tarry longer. The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I must embark. For to stay, though the hours burn in the night, is to freeze and crystallize and be bound in a mould.

ی ی - یی   ی  ی     ی ی    - 
ǐ     یј ی  -


Fain would I take with me all that is here. But how shall I?

     ی ی      ی ϐ     -  


A voice cannot carry the tongue and the lips that give it wings. Alone must it seek the ether.

ی ی       ی   -   ی  ی ی   -

And alone and without his nest shall the eagle fly across the sun.

  ی  ی



Now when he reached the foot of the hill, he turned again towards the sea, and he saw his ship approaching the harbour, and upon her prow the mariners, the men of his own land.

ی ی ʁ ی ی ی  ی ی  ѐ ی        ی      ی   ی -  


And his soul cried out to them, and he said:
    ی ی     :


Sons of my ancient mother, you riders of the tides,

ی      ی   ی 


How often have you sailed in my dreams. And now you come in my awakening, which is my deeper dream.

ی ی -   ی  !


Ready am I to go, and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind.




Only another breath will I breathe in this still air, only another loving look cast backward,

Then I shall stand among you, a seafarer among seafarers.

ی ی ی ی  ی   ی   ی ی ی -
          сی ی  -


And you, vast sea, sleepless mother, Who alone are peace and freedom to the river and the stream 

ی ی   ی ی   ی          ی       ی ی


Only another winding will this stream make, only another murmur in this glade, And then shall I come to you, a boundless drop to a boundless ocean

    ی ی یی ی ی   ی ی 

{ }





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