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While women across the world unite to celebrate International Womens Day on
March 8, women in Afghanistans most insecure will bravely gather for peace at a
number of public events. With the main gathering in the volatile Kandahar
province, women will be wearing white scarves as a symbol of peace. 
  Bpeace (The Business Council for Peace) is mobilizing international support for
the Afghan women by circulating a petition of solidarity:
  The petition will be presented as a display of international support to the brave
women of Kandahar and to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and the United
  Women in Kabul and every other province of Afghanistan will express their
solidarity with the Kandahar women by reading a message of peace at their local
International Women's Day gatherings. The Afghan women have taken their cue from
two ordinary women in Ireland who were awarded the Noble Peace prize for creating
a womens peace movement to protest violence in Ireland in the 1970s.  "Today
we drove by the site of the third suicide bomber in three days, says Rangina
Hamidi, one of the organizers of the Kandahar gathering. We are ready to follow
in the footsteps of our Irish sisters. For the past seven years Afghans have
celebrated March 8th with cheap gifts given to women to honor them. This year, the
women in Kandahar loudly say the best gift for us is peace in our country."  
Rangina Hamidi will be in New York City March 2 to 6, 2008.  For more information
contact: Marla Gitterman,mgitterman@bpeace.org , 212-696-9696 or Laurie Chock,
lauriechock@optonline.net , (914) 591-4052.  (Release attached.)

Also on March 8th, in Annandale, Virginia, the women of the DC Metro Afghan
Community, supported by the Embassy of Afghanistan, are gathering to express their
support of the Afghan women. This will be an indoor event supporting the brave women
in Afghanistan who will be marching for Peace. There will be presentations and
poetry, mainly by women. 

For further information contact: Zarmina Hamidi, Zaro78@yahoo.com , 703-729-3528 /
571-236-0388 or Stoorai Ayazi, Mena96@comcast.net, 703-430-0906 / 571-277-0218.

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